"Annie's on a Swing"

100 Double Under

50 Kettlebell Swing (53/35)

50 Sit Up

80 Double Under

40 Kettlebell Swing (53/35)

40 Sit Up 

60 Double Under

30 Kettlebell Swing (53/35)

30 Sit Up

40 Double Under

20 Kettlebell Swing (53/35)

20 Sit Up

20 Double Under

10 Kettlebell Swing (53/35)

10 Sit Up

*Are you interested in training off site?  For full strength, conditioning, accessory work, and CrossFit Games Competitor's programming, email michaela@snakerivercrossfit.com

We love the learning environment, and the opportunities we get, to share the Snake River CrossFit experience with young adults. 
Last month, students from Vision Charter School represented Idaho’s 1st Nonprofit & College Accredited Affiliate, Vision CrossFit. They toured the facility, learned about Snake River CrossFit, experienced a skill session and completed a short workout.

During the field trip, high school aged athletes gathered at Snake River with their Coach, CF-L2 Jason George, two time recipient of the Presidential Award for Math & Science.

Jason has done an excellent job teaching fundamental movements, and staying creative with minimal equipment, so the application in a CrossFit specific facility was a fun layer to add for the students. Rowing, throwing wall balls to targets, barbells, and rigging for core work are all aspects of training these young athletes have limited exposure to.

Snake River will host 4 more field trips throughout the semester, and provide facility for VCF students who are interested in competing in the 2018 CrossFit Games OPEN. Their enthusiasm & openness to learning creates a fun environment for all in house.

Jason hopes to start a fitness revolution to win back the health of our youth. We are honored to partner with him in his mission!

Michaela Beauvais