Happy New Year Snake River!  


The training arena is closed today… but you still have a very important exercise:


Determine what 2018 looks like.  

Discuss this with family and friends.  

Send your Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely goals to michaela@snakerivercrossfit.com 


We have LOVED seeing your goals come to fruition in 2017.  


Our mission is to to improve the lives of our members by supporting and challenging them to find the best in themselves every day.  


On a micro level, we achieve this one rep at a time. On a macro level, dragons are being slayed and character is being developed during each session, week, and year.  We’re in the fitness industry, but it opens up lots of conversations about what you really want and how you go about achieving it.


*Are you interested in training off site?  For full strength, conditioning, accessory work, and CrossFit Games Competitor's programming, email michaela@snakerivercrossfit.com


Michaela Beauvais