On Ramp

Any level of athlete will benefit from this foundational class as it breaks down barbell, kettlebell handling, and gymnastics. This 4 session program is designed to introduce you to CrossFit, and ready you for success in the large group sessions. This class is required for athletes new to Snake River CrossFit. It includes a warm up, movement development, and a workout. These sessions are set up by appointment only.

Contact michaela@snakerivercrossfit.com

Workout of the Day

This 1 hour class includes a warm up, conditioning, strength, and mobility. The hour is focused toward general physical preparedness by utilizing functional movements performed at high intensity. Any body, at any fitness level, is welcome to join after completing the On Ramp Course Work.

Olympic Weightlifting

This class is specifically geared toward developing proficiency in the Clean & Jerk, and Snatch. Increase flexibility, improve positioning & master technical skill transfer exercises while developing explosive speed and strength with barbell.

These sessions are specially designed to bridge the gap between On Ramp and the General Classes. They are perfect for those who have recently graduated On Ramp, are returning and a little rusty, or brand spanking new and curious about what all the Snake River hype is.

If you want to focus on refining movement, learn progressions, improve conditioning, deliberately strengthen your core and still have time to work on flexibility... make sure to pop in!

Fresh Meet

Get to know your barbell, practice gymnastics skills, work accessory pieces, and throw down with some of the best around!

Open Gym

CrossFit Kids

CrossFit Kids combines elements of the 10 General Physical Skills with additional focus on activities that encourage bone density and vestibular system development. The goal is to maximize physical skills during peak development. This class is designed to keep children engaged, teach proper movement mechanics, and create a broad athletic foundation. We pair fitness and fun creating a lifelong love of fitness and health in children.

Contact Program Director, Madi Lewis, for more information. madi@snakerivercrossfit.com

Motown & Mobility

Restore function to tired tissues. Learn methods to stretch, rehabilitate, recover, and maintain health so you can continue to progress in training.

Workshops by appointment with Michaela@snakerivercrossfit.com

Special Edition

This program’s objective is to provide children with special needs a fun, positive, safe, and consistent environment to be social and active. Snake River Crossfit is fully aware and committed to each child's unique and specific needs, along with finding ways that allow each child to experience success. We aim to provide programming that encourages play that makes positive steps towards living a healthy and active lifestyle. Snake River Crossfit is involved in the community in many different ways, however, the “Special Edition” Program is a first in the Treasure Valley area.

Contact Andrew@snakerivercrossfit.com for more details

KINE 10201 (Foundations of Fitness)

Eric Haskins, CrossFit Trainer (CF-L3) introduced the Treasure Valley's first fully accredited college course offering in partnership with Northwest Nazarene University, KINE 10201 (Foundations of Fitness.) During the semester, students develop a basic understanding of Fitness and the components that support an active and healthy lifestyle. Content includes fundamental human movements that support safe, as well as advanced training techniques, for strength and conditioning that can be employed in training for life and sport.

This program meets twice a week for 55 minutes. This 100 level course is structured to include a Warm-Up, Technique/Skill, Workout, Cool-Down and Lecture. He personally designed the course to be a unique, one of a kind experience that would change the way Fitness was taught and discussed in the university setting. 

This course is by enrollment only, through NNU.